Domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe

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A unique opportunity for a special life!


Your dreams may become reality! This beautiful Domaine du Cloitre de Saint Christophe is ready to be taken/carried over, to whom may we pass the torch? This is a unique chance to lead an extraordinary and meaningful life. Have a look at our site for, details, pictures and more. More information >>


Ps: Dear guests, don’t worry your vacations and new bookings are still on!


Vacation with horses in France?
Back to basic in the Lorraine?
Just relax en enjoy pure nature?
Outside rides or ridinig lessons?
Walking, mountainbiking, jogging?

Or just do nothing, just relax....

We say..all this is possible..enjoy being active or enjoy being "slow"...lying in the grass reading this book finally, while your kids are playing.
No hush..just be happy!

First lest's answer the most asked question: Yes you can ride horses here!

Even if you've never seen a horse! Beginner or experienced , young or..less may ride!
We give lessons according to your needs and experience.And all of  that on Frisian horses. 
We came to realise many people are amazed ( as we are) by those beautiful black horses. They are above all the sweetest and gentle horses, in whom you may friend a friend. A pure and straight contact  with those beauties is truly a special thing, horse riding apart. We breed and raise them here so  we have young ones, they are curious and sweet, but of course not ready yet for this work with kids ...Then we have our stallions, impressive and loving but not  suited for this  job either, certainly not while there are all these mares in heat around..
But we DO have our Gatse ( 22!) and his "team". An old soul  but physically  very active and 100% faithful.  If he senses that you are an experienced rider or a natural talent he may go fast and is he feels you do not like this he will be slow and calm.
But we believe that horses should enjoy themselves too, and Gatse does.  Besides him we have some others that enjoy this too...ears to the front, or turned to us to listen to our voices.

We give long or short lessons, or during  an entire week ( sessions) , which for some is enough to gain trust in horses and discover a passion.  
And for some a week is enough to gain experience and join us in an outside ride! Previously experienced riders may join us too of course.
You are also  welcome to bring your own horse..he or she shall be treated as a VIP of course.
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Things to do here at Saint Christophe or in the region

True delight is children discovering for themselves and playing with whatever they find in and around the forest.
In our first weeks a father made a beautiful “tipi” with his young son, just with branches they found in the forest, while the mother was lying relaxing in the sun ( tempting!) . We invite everybody to do what they like.. make a hut, cut sticks, play tag, hide and seek, invent games, knock about, mess and play around with things they find.
We once a had a big group of kids of all ages while it was raining cats and dogs. One of them started to make a little dam to prevent the water from going into the riding hall. Finally after they had all been busy for hours, just collecting stones for their professional dam, they realized that the water was winning”! They were all wet in their yellow raincoats and boots, but had a wonderful afternoon.
So had the parents, because it was great to see , this world of tablets and screens!
Children can play and find play, they will be creative!
Here there is enough to discover and undertake, surely!
We do not need to organize and “entertain” too much, because finding and discovering for yourself is so much better !

More to do:

We have listed some nice things to do in the region  and  in our reception-room  you will find many leaflets and books about the Meuse and the Lorraine.

Saint Christophe is surrounded by 88 ha , of which 15 are fields and the rest forest, which again is surrounded by acres and acres of more forest, plenty of possibilities for long beautiful walks or mountain bike trips. ( be careful to not lose your way). We do have some plans, but your can also just  discover for yourself!  You  can walk  easily  to the Celtic Menhir Stone and  in our forest there are lots of bunkers and trenches and you can find a German Altar in the middle of the forests , not far from here. Lots to discover apart from the oranje snails and many traces of the animals that live here.
You can rent quite professional mountain bikes ..not for easy rides with a kid on the back  ( it 's a bit bumpy) but for  real mountainbikers..go ahead!

In the field between the tents for the youngest you will find a sandbag and in the recepyion room we have  some “tools” to play with. Also we have different swings and so on around the tents,  go and discover them! For the bigger ones we have balls, rackets, hockey sticks,nets etc.. In the field between your tents you can also play any game you want , just feel free and enjoy, it is a beautiful place with a fantastic view on the cloister… There is a  big hay'stec in the field  with a trampoline...(  very popular for most kids!) and we have a Jeu de Boules place , a smal "discovery forest"  .
And of course many kids want to just  be with the small animals like the rabbits, mini piggies, little shets and our funny and utterly stubborn donkeys Obama, Max and Nina...try to make them follow you :) !
For rainy days or for those of you who like to pass some quiet time with a book or play..there are many board games , drawing materials,  lots of books and magasines for young and older ( Yes also in Englihs but if you  want to get rid of old books and if you  still have some  space in your car....we would be very happy with some more, thanks!! )
Rainy day? Don't worry:

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Things to do and tours in the surrounding areas..discovering the Meuse and La Lorraine:

( In the reception room we have many  books, leaflets and lots of tourist information)!

1Butte de Montsec: beautiful view over many villages, and fields. On top of a hill, not far from us. This was a strategic point in both World Wars and is now a monument. It is US-territory. There is a bronze scale model, if you look carefully you can find St Christophe.

2. Lac de Madine: A huge lake . You can swim, sail, canoe, relax on the beaches etc.

3. “Brocantes” the famous French kind of flea markets.. Typical French, beautiful things and nice junk..awful food but great atmosphere and you can really find nice stuff if you like! There is a little book with all the dates and places in the Cloister shop and we note all dates we know of.

4 .The goat cheese farm in Chaillion: very close to us. Delicious cheese, some body products made of goat milk and the owner is really nice!

5. In Saint Mihiel: you can canoe on the Meuse. Beautiful statues by Ligier Richier.

6. Verdun: and of course everything concerning the first World War. The “Saillant de St Mihiel” the Massacre of St Mihiel was one of the most awful fights of this war, and all around and in Verdun you find many places and monuments that remember this War. ( like a subterranean citadel)

7. Bateau Touristique: You can take a tour on the Meuse, starting in Verdun and have a nice lunch or dinner on the way. Des Flammes à la Lumière, also in Verdun : light -and sound shows about the War with hundreds of actors. In June and July. Impressive. 2014..exactly 100 years after. ( 1914..)

8. Metz: Bigger town/city and a very nice place to visit, nice shops, a beautiful cathedral, the second Centre Pompidou and a restaurant with delicious biological food. We personally prefer Metz to Nancy although Nancy has its famous golden place, Place Stanislas.

9. Jeanne of Arc :was born not far from here in a little village called Domremy, also next to the Meuse. A little closer we find Vaucouleurs, where she went to get protection from Robert de Baudricourt to get her way to the king . Close to Domremy is a gorgeous modern cathedral in honor of Jeanne.

Jeanne has also tried to visit this cloister , but was refused because it was “for men only”.

10. Le Vent des forets: works of art ,often made of recycled materials, all in the forest on beautiful places in the forests . Not far from here.

For groups we are happy to  sometimes organise events
...just because we like this or because your ask!

Here you can always relax..
...while your child is playing in the field..

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