Domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe

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A unique opportunity for a special life!


Your dreams may become reality! This beautiful Domaine du Cloitre de Saint Christophe is ready to be taken/carried over, to whom may we pass the torch? This is a unique chance to lead an extraordinary and meaningful life. Have a look at our site for, details, pictures and more. More information >>


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Your Vacation  in France

At Domaine du Cloître Saint Christophe

Welcome ! This is one of the most beautiful places in the Lorraine.
A true treasure:  “Le domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe .

Pure Nature. 
Here you are surrounded by lots of forest. This cloister dates from 707 (!) and was dedicated to Saint Michael .
This is where we live with our black pearls: our beautiful Friesian horses with their adorable characters. In 2003 we fell in love with this cloister right in the middle of nature. Just as Count Wulfoad and his beloved wife Adelsinde , the founders of this cloister, we are building our dreams at this very special place and live here with some of our 7 children and our animals. We use wood for heating and our water comes from 7 different sources in the forest, just as before, just as them and just as the Benedictine monks too.

This sacred place was already treasured by the Celts who left their magnificent menhirs , one of them quite close to us. Here you’ll be living within the rhythm of Nature…..and your cellphone won’t catch easily or not at all, so: time to breathe!
For years we have been working with our family ,and friends, and we still do.
To live our dream together with our Dutch horses.
We train and breed them and every year we have the most adorable little fowls.
You are very welcome to enjoy the beauty of the environment and to enjoy this real and pure experience of living and relaxing at this place.
As we say: taste Nature!
Our Frisian Horses..
This place is also home for our beautiful Frisian horses, we breed them and every spring we enjoy the new foals.  Frisian horses are known for their beauty ( impressive body and lots of manes!)  but even more fot their character, they are real friends, as we say in French "Le Frison, un ami pour la vie!" So yes, you can ride them.
And if you can also have a nice ride in our forests or fields, magic!
"They really had such a lovely vacation and that's also because of you! You are very special people  and Pieter's  horseriding lessons are fantastic! I now have 3 kids who want  to have riding  lessons at home!. ;). " Leoni

But we also have our other  smaller animals, like Sjakie and Harry our mini shets and 3 donkeys Nina, Max and Obama . 6 Hens , lots of rabbits that are just too sweet for words, nice dogs and lots of cats to chase the mice! ( succesfully).
At night you can also hear the animals in the forets like deer , foxes and many other animals.

Staying here at Saint Christophe a tent or a "cloisterbed". We have  these beautiful luxury tents from  Featherdown but you are also welcome to stay in the cloister, between walls dating from 707.  In the tour or in the old haysteck, where we have created some cosy rooms. 3 nights minimal, but do not worry most people prefer to stay so much longer!
We also have  "restored"a silly old caravan with its nice big terrace  looking at the sunset.

"When  we left we had two crying kids in the car ( also Laurens had  tears on his face), they had such a lovey time and really did not want to leave! Very good sign!"Marieke
"Thank you for a wonderful stay filled with peace, joy,family,fun + amazing isolation! You carry such a gift for hospitality + family+ you can feel it as soon as you arrive here at Saint Christophe... Thank you..much love ". Ed ,Michelle  +Emily

Weather you are young or older, looking for  serenity or adventure, a romantic weekend or a family vacation or even with a bigger group..looking for a vacation in the midst of nature, all of you will truely enjoy your stay here! For groups we sometimes  organise  small happenings, because we like to or because you ask!
If you want to do more...There lots to do 
in the environments of Saint Christophe. 
Most people want to stay here but of course there is lots to do and discover  in this region.  You can do some canoe  on the Meuse in Saint Mihiel, there is a big lake "Lac de Madine" close nearby, you can go fishing in the Meuse, sailing, there is a goat farm  close to us in Chaillion . You can visit many monuments of World War I in Verdun, we have  Metz and Nancy both at an hour from here. And of course every weekend  there are the so called" brocantes" , flee markets with funny old stuff ,sometimes beautiful things and moreover a unique French "touch"!  ( for more see:" To do or to relax "in this menu)

For some sporting
You can do running  or mountainbike in the  quiet forest ...endless ( do not get lost!)

For kids there are some nice amusement -parks in the area,  like Tipipark ( climbing  trees) or  Amnéville.
In our reception room you will find lots of documentation  and of course we are there to help you around.

But could just relax in the field, very easy too..what more would you want? 



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