Domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe

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A unique opportunity for a special life!


Your dreams may become reality! This beautiful Domaine du Cloitre de Saint Christophe is ready to be taken/carried over, to whom may we pass the torch? This is a unique chance to lead an extraordinary and meaningful life. Have a look at our site for, details, pictures and more. More information >>


Ps: Dear guests, don’t worry your vacations and new bookings are still on!



Dinner in an old cloister in France?
Quiche Lorraine in what used to be our stables?
Welcome at our Table d'Hôte "De Oude Deel"
Or dinner in the forest next to your tent..
Meals  in a cloister ...
we're always simple and mostly vegetarian. Well not much has changed, but we do have some more possibilities than the monks had. 
You have an open kitchen in your appartment and all tents have wood burning stoves and a little oven so you can  make your own meals, simple or very sophisticated.. as you wish! 
All tents have a barbecue and when you stay in the cloister you can ask for one too..for a nice and cosy barbecue "en famille".  

Our Table d'Hôte "de Oude Deel".
Two years ago this used to be  an old barn, home for our horses! Well we  do not hide this took us quite some work.
We did need  some light so we made windows and doors but kept the very old cloister doors, you can still see them on the outside.
Our cousin Brenda did all the painting! The tables and chairs come from Tinus Toog  in Terneuzen , the Bar from a recreational park in Holland and the buffet was the old working table belonging to the father of Serge, our friend in Woinville.

Result: a lovely warm place for our Table d'Hôte!

In this old barn ,turned into a nice and cozy “Table d’Hôte” you are most welcome ..
To have your first meal here at arrival days..We want to ensure your relaxed and nice evening, after a long and maybe tiring trip. 
We are happy to know this in advance. Thanks! For those who are already here and want to join us again, with pleasure!.

These arrival -day -dinners are always very cozy and the food is simple but good.
Often the children start get to know each other, no matter what nationality they are.

We like to spoil you a bit so we serve your starter at your table, serve your drinks and of course you are welcome to ask us anything you’d like. 
The children can play board-games and we also have some coloring books for the small ones, so even if mom and dad would like to just have some more drinks or coffee do not worry about them! We do have children's chairs...and your dog is welcome if he doesn't serve himself at the buffet...

The main course is served at the buffet: different variations of the day-dish, always with a veggie -one and various salads.
Of course we make sure the food is children proof 5* kitchen but good and honest food. You can serve yourself as much as you want.
Desert we serve at your table for some cup of coffee or tea after dinner.

After dinner you only have to walk to your tent, enjoying the stars..!
What if there is no table d'Hôte?

Well do not worry..You can make life simple and do a barbecue or you can ask for a "Field Pan" a kind of hanging pan for a nice  soup above a little fire.
Very easy:  collect some wood from the forest, make your own little fire and "Bon appetit" . In French we call this a "Chaudron au "Pré".

Sometimes we organise campfires. These are always so nice! You can take your own  ( French) saussages, a big potatoe, some tomatoes roast above the fire yourself, children love it! So simple but so very cosy and adventurous too! And for desert: marsmallows( if you still have  the courage!) on a stick!

Basic...but unforgettable!
For groups we  sometimes organise special dinners..outside under the stars or on the cour.
We sometimes do pizza evenings  on our Pizza oven ( wood burned ) or  French galette can decorate your own pizza or galette, "délicieux"!

For an easy breakfast you can order  a "panier petit dejeuner" , whether you are in a tent or in a room.

Well ,and if you like to have a nice dinner in town  , there are some litte  restaurants in Saint Mihiel, Verdun or Bar le not hesitate to ask us!

Whatever you choose: Bon Appetit!


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