Domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe

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A unique opportunity for a special life!


Your dreams may become reality! This beautiful Domaine du Cloitre de Saint Christophe is ready to be taken/carried over, to whom may we pass the torch? This is a unique chance to lead an extraordinary and meaningful life. Have a look at our site for, details, pictures and more. More information >>


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Forget the time… Feather Down is intended for anyone who is looking for quality time, together, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Experience a life full of rustic charm. “Don’t hurry, be happy!”

Availability and pricing "Lovely Luxury Tents"


Enjoy the beautiful countryside at our so treasured dream-site: Saint -Christophe, one of the most beautiful places in the Lorraine!
And let’s not forget her history!
During your stay you will (besides enjoying yourself) be able to take a peek into our world of horse breeding and everything that lives and has to be done at our breeding farm. You’ll be witnessing the beauty of these impressive and incredibly sweet Frisian horses!
You will understand our passion and taste this life we live here, together with our horses.
And as all our guests find they do, you’ll slow a hasty city pace, as you become familiar with this different way of life.

Our tents are incredibly spacious and comfortable ,cosy places to start the day.
From the moment you begin to stir, you’ll be struck with a sense of time and space – time to take it slow, space to let the day unfold.
This is just the beginning of your rural retreat.

Made of thick, protective canvas, our tents keep the warmth in without shutting the sounds of nature out, so you can wake up with everything around you. The interior of our tents is a reminder of the honest country-life of times gone by. There is no electricity in the Feather Down Tents….enjoy the ambiance of the candles, oil lamps and the long nights around the wood-burning stove. ... The Feather Down tent is equipped for up to 6 people (maximum 5 adults and 1 child up to 12 years). You will find a fully equipped kitchen: so you do not have to take anything - it's all there. You can also prepare dinner on your own Barbecue next to your tent and enjoy the evening at your private veranda….peep up and gaze at the huge star-filled sky!

Here you live in the middle of nature and so much space around you. Many things to do and discover , also for your children!

Availability and pricing "Lovely Luxury Tents"

We took utmost care to place the tents in such a way so you can enjoy the sun, but also the shade, the beauty of the countryside and the many trees around you, and of course, if possible a view on some of our horses.
Each tent is named after one of our kids ( together we have 7) :
Niels, Mayke, Lonie, Aurelia, Reinoud, Lance and Savine.


To make your stay even more comfortable we will take care of an easy landing on the day of arrival by making your beds.
Also you have:

  • three “rooms” (a bunkbed, a cupboard bed and a master bedroom), wooden floors
  • nice beds and duvets of good woolen quality
  • a toilet and cold streaming water
  • a private shower with warm water in your tent, towels and dishtowels included
  • a spacious veranda with a hammock
  • a large “lazy”sofa
  • a kitchenblock with a cooking stove on wood
  • a big table also wood, for 6 persons, with a “rural” chandelier above it


Give your children the freedom to play, they will be safe and will never be far away from your tent, so much to see and discover!
While you read your magazine under the trees or take a bike for a long ride. Young and `less young` will find their happiness!!



You will really enjoy family life in and around our tent, but also for people without children your stay here will be unforgettable!
Our Domaine has endless forests and fields, it´s magic, so there will be many possibilities to enjoy your time and relax too.
In each tent we have put a large file full of different trips to make if you like and some handy clues to start the woodstove or light the oil lamps etc.
Whatever you choose: a life with lots of adventure and happiness is guaranteed!

To simplify your life in another way: be welcome in our “Oude Deel” ,the old stables turned into a cosy place to enjoy a simple and nice meal made with love.
“Bon appétit!” 

For more information and all your questions, you are welcome to contact us by email or telephone, we will be happy to answer you.
You can also connect to the link below for more pictures and descriptions and this is where you can also make a booking .
You will enter the Feather Down Site, but via us, and that , well ,that’s good for us too! Thank you!
We will be looking forward to meeting you at this beautiful place, that once was and still is our dream-home!

Availability and pricing "Lovely Luxury Tents"


A bientot!!





Mini friends for small people!








This is the real farmers bed, not so featherly, but she slept untill her parents put her in her bed!

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