Domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe

A unique opportunity for a special life!


Your dreams may become reality! This beautiful Domaine du Cloitre de Saint Christophe is ready to be taken/carried over, to whom may we pass the torch? This is a unique chance to lead an extraordinary and meaningful life. Have a look at our site for, details, pictures and more. More information >>


Ps: Dear guests, don’t worry your vacations and new bookings are still on!


Before you dive into this happy site, just this:
1.You are welcome to stay overnight in our cloister retreat  or a tent.
2.You may join us sometimes at dinner, and tents or retreats both offer cooking.

3.Yes, if you want you can also ride our horses!

 JANUARY 2016:


Every day is new and every new day can be happy!
Happy new 2016!


Looking for a vacation in beautiful Lorraine in the North of France?
Well, here we have a special treasure with it's cloister dating from 707, Domaine du Cloitre Saint- Christophe!
Do you want to wake up in the middle of nature?
Do you want to wake up with a beautiful view on our meadows with impressive Frisian horses?
Do you want to take a walk ( on foot or horse)  in endless fields and forests?
Do you want to have riding lessons, even if you have had none or never even sat on a horse?
We can teach you  this in just one week, with a beautiful outside ride as desert!
Here you are truely welcome, wether you want to stay in a luxurious Feather Down tent or in the cloister itself..or even in the funny retailed caravan with a terrace and your own little meadow.
For a nice easy dinner ( some evenings in the week) you are welcome at our Cloistertable, our Table d'Hôte.
Simple and good food with cosy candlelight but even more important: in a true warm atmosphere.
And with nice weather, a drink on the terrace and the sunset. Magic!
And then, under a beautiful sky filled with stars ( there is nothing else here) back to your tent or cloisterbed. How about that!


Everybody feels so at ease here, with family or friends or maybe just the two of you, romantic!

Yes your dog is welcome too. For groups we are happy to organise special  fun activities od small events . Nothing goes by the book, so  feel free to ask us (in advance).

No big luxury, but simplicity and pure, straight from the heart.

That may  sound nice but that's  the way things happen here.

No hush, almost no Wifi here, but because of that so much more to experience! Enjoy!

Pure nature, relax and let go, with your kids.

Play, ride horses if you want, rest, breathe without any hustle or any thing that múst be done, in a place where you really feel welcome.

"Sometimes,when you look at your child, you can tell she is experiencing something she'll never forget.
A moment in which as if she is blessed by magic. Call it inspiration.
"Mum, I know what I'm going to be when I grow up", she says with a glowing face, descending from the horse.
"Is that so?" I ask. She nods and looks around. In a defenitive tone she  says: 
"I want this". and I know it is true.

( Beautiful words from a Dutch mum, thanks, Yvon!)







Happiness, every day in 2016!

We have so much enjoyed a busy but super 2015 with so many nice people!

We hope to welcome many of you in 2016.

On this site you will find lots of information but feel free to mail us:





Welcome too 2015!  We had a superb first  year 2014 with our Feather Down Tents and so many families visiting us. We are looking forward to the new season and will be pleased to  meet you again..but what's new for you in 2015? ( Although actually, january..we still have snow and winter..)



Here's the "Black Barn" for small animal friends for your younger children. Actually this lot is still "asleep"in the snow, but soon the new inhabitants will arrive..such as funny long eared-rabbits, 2 sweet little Vietnamese Potbellies, very intelligent ones!....all here toghether with our lady hens who finally have their proper home.Actually they are still giving us some eggs, in winter!: well done ladies!

Max you already know..only he is not at all allowed to have his lunch with us in the court-yard!

Sjakie and a little friend...............................................and Bellie , our absolute Mr. ZEN in the snow.


But of course there will still be horse riding lessons for those woul'd like to..young and old..

For an outside walk if you are already a bit experienced or inside....

We will change the fire-place a bit, for  nice camp fires with sausages and marshmallows...
Of course you can still have a ride in one of our coaches..
The little honesty shop will be bigger and even more cosy, with  some new and different products. By the tents  we are making a small canvas roof for some  nice evenings with the other families if you like. There is a "Jeu de Boules" place ( the typical french play with balls)  close to the tents and we have installed some more swings and the like for your smaller children close to the tents too. There is also a new "adventure"forest" . Around the  tents in the forest we have cleared a few more trees to create more light, but the romantic and special "forest-atmosphere" is certainly And of course  our Cloister"Table d'Hôte"- the Oude Deel- will be open every arrivalday so feel welcome to enjoy your first meal here and ....yes your dog is invited too.

So..welcome back to all of those we have met last season and looking forward to meet new people in 2015!



EASTER 2014:

Welcome to this beautiful place in the middle of nature and welcome also to our new venture.

We are very happy and proud to finally open our monastery gates to welcome you.

Getting it ready has taken us 10 years of hard work…and fun! This special monastery dating from 707 has much historical and spiritual significance. It is built around a cloister with a well at its center.

In one corner an original chapel remains intact with its primitive altar and vaulted ceiling.

Set in 88 ha/ 218 acres of fields and forests and further on again endless and endless forests.

We use wood for our stove and all our water comes from a source down in the forest.

Welcome to really enjoy this beauty and magic; to truly relax, rest and have fun, together with your family, your friends or just on your own and ”breathe” another kind of life here.

Getting onto the internet won’t be an option because, well you’ll be lucky to find a signal although we do have a connection in our office if absolutely necessary.

Forever being connected via Wifi, to Facebook, Apps and WhatsApp...when ,where, who , what?.. no, time instead to breathe, time to calm, time to enjoy the simple and perhaps most important things in life.

Do something different,…….or rather nothing!

Lie down lazily under an old tree or in full sun, read that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages or just leaf through a magazine with a cup of tea or nice glass of French wine.

Perhaps you might prefer to go for a good bike ride, do some serious jogging, go for a nice walk, cut some wood, canoe on the Meuse or take pleasure from a simple dinner at the campfire or in our “ Oude Deel”.

Whatever you choose, enjoy the silence, because it IS really silent here.

Especially at night you’ll hear absolutely nothing, except maybe some impressive noises from the wild animals in the forest.

Look up and you’ll see millions and millions of stars spread out above you.

The uncomplicated life is tangible here, just as the monks lived 1300 years ago or, the Celts who had their sacred places on this hill even before that.

For centuries these people found peace and a deeper relationship with nature; a spiritual force so sacred in their eyes. This of course also meant “survival” because nature is not only divinely beautiful but also throws up her challenges.

Be assured nevertheless of your modern creature comforts, because this is all to ENJOY, every second of it!

We offer two special accommodation options: a luxury tent on the border of our forests or in one of our comfortable and colorful bedrooms within the monastery.

We will welcome you with great enthusiasm because we really like to do so and share this unique place with others.

We are proud of it and it’s been our greatest passion to live here with our children, beautiful black Frisian horses and other animals.

Spring-fresh green grass, lovely little leaves, happy funny foals, new life!

But every season has it natural beauty.

Summer - breathtaking colors of bright poppies and pink roses around the cloister.

Autumn –just as breathtaking colors of the changing leaves , bright orange, deep red, yellow.

And Winter-flat grey light when it can get very muddy but this also has it’s charm (if you wear a good pair of rubber boots...and take your time) .

Your eyes will slowly be opened again for all these obvious, but in fact very natural things - in good or in bad weather!  

Check availability and prices...

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If you have any questions email or call us.

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