Domaine du cloitre Saint Christophe

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A unique opportunity for a special life!


Your dreams may become reality! This beautiful Domaine du Cloitre de Saint Christophe is ready to be taken/carried over, to whom may we pass the torch? This is a unique chance to lead an extraordinary and meaningful life. Have a look at our site for, details, pictures and more. More information >>


Ps: Dear guests, don’t worry your vacations and new bookings are still on!


Vacation in France, truly relaxing in an old cloister.
Pure nature in Lorraine.


Searching for a resourcing and truly calm vacation in a cloister,surrounded by forest and fields on top of the most peaceful hill in Lorraine, France?
A cloister dating from 707, luxury?
No, even better. It's cozy, special, with endless views on fields with majestic frisian horses and  forests.
In the top chamber, the Tower Room , you can even look all around.
No wifi, no cellphone connexion, no TV, none of that. But, endless more time and tranquility.
Time to,  really enjoy, slow down and "breathe".  Isn't that pure nature?
Once said in a Dutch magazine: "In nature there's no wifi,but  I promise you, there is much more connexion".
We can only completely agree.



Horses, relaxing, playing....Enjoy!
Regularly we meet people here who may be a little scared for horses.
Many of them had a great time gaining trust in our horses, pet them and yes, also ride them! ( if they want). Some are taught riding in a small amount of time ( a matter of a single week!)  and get to join us on an outside ride in the forests, amazing!
Then no TV is needed any more.
Instead, have a drink, an appatiser outside on the  prairie or on the terrace by the sunset!

Nature, vacation..and your kids!
Kids without a tablet or any device?
No problem: they get used to it in no time and soon enough you'll find them playing in the woods, looking for slugs, building a shack out of branches , or a dam with stones, cutting wood, playing football or volleyball on the fields...or you will find them by the horses or other animals here! Children imagine the funniest games and do keep themselves bussy.
What about the evenings?'ll find them still playing outside,but they can also check our little  library in the old monksroom in the   Cloister ,full of books, board -games or magazines. Yes..also reading for your kids can be done, by the cozy fire.
This lifestyle is tempting, many who get a little taste of it, go out and find their own piece of heaven.
A place in nature, with sometimes even their own horse eventually.

Dreams cán become true, we always say!


Cloister appartment in the middle of nature.
Below take a look at some of the rooms/appartment we have made cozy and ready.
We want to endure a small but soulful place, though there are more possibilities ..just some more work to do..!
We also propose a silly old caravan ( 3 persons) for those who would like ,with it's nice patio and  meadow.
You can bring your tent in addition.







The reception room in the old minksrooom with the big fire place. Here they used to cook.
For yóur cooking , every appartment has its kitchen, small or big..this is the big one:
and the silly old caravan


For groups we are pleased to organise some specials...


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Also for small business-events or training!

Soyez bienvenu!



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